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Synergia Coaching’s Managing Director Clare Barnett and Tamsin Martle of our sister company Skynote Consulting (LINK TO ) collaborated to great success in delivering the interactive seminar “The Power of Coaching in Education” at last October’s HMC conference event, held at St Andrews.


This highly interactive workshop was conducted with a number of interested Heads and discussed the evidence of how effective coaching has been within organisations worldwide. The session reviewed what coaching meant to these Heads, using a wide variety of definitions. Participants also had the opportunity to evaluate how bumpy their ride would be on ‘their strategic bicycle’ – which gained several diverse and entertaining comments. The seminar then concluded by looking forward at how to create a coaching culture, tailor-made for individual schools.


Synergia’s Clare Barnett said:  “The workshops were very enjoyable, discussing with existing Heads their current experiences of introducing coaching and their aspirations for using it at all levels within their schools.  This included at tutor level, using it as the foundation of Performance Management as well as ensuring that it is a key leadership approach.”


Skynote’s Tamsin Martle added: ““We are seeing an increasing number of Independent Schools using Executive Coaching to support their vision, development of leaders and on-going improvement of standards and results. As the education system continues to evolve we are also observing a need for enhanced resilience, mental toughness and an ability to adapt and change.” She continued: “Our vision is to equip a small group of staff and pupils with the tools, skills and support so that they can use their know-how to teach others and therefore create a coaching environment that spans across their school, boosting all round performance.”


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