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Think about how much time you may spend looking at social media on your smart phones. Be honest. Ask yourself the question what real value does that have to you?

We’re all guilty of it. That ‘one eyed God’ aka the television is often used as an escape from the tedium of situations. But could we use that time more effectively to create a better life?

How often do you press the snooze button when you wake in the morning? It’s standard practice for most of us. However, those 5 or 10 minute extra zzzs may indeed leave you tired and groggy all morning. Rising as soon as you wake will leave you feeling truly rested and more alert and proactive to face the day ahead.

Have you ever totted up the hours which you commute every week? If you commute regularly by train or bus this is the perfect excuse to use that time wisely. An hour’s train journey can give you an uninterrupted precious window during which you can reclaim time – seldom achieved when working from the office. Take advantage of this to get up to speed with your workload and tasks for the days. Plus, this is also a great way to survive a hellishly long commute and make the journey pass faster. Alternatively, If you’re travelling by car one of the best ways to time manage your commute is to avoid the rush. By leaving an hour early you may be able to cut your commute in half.