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Emotional awareness and change is paramount in effective work place relationships and Synergia are excited to be attending an inspiring workshop centred on this subject matter at The British Psychological Society in London on 6th September.

The workshop entitled ‘Coaching through Transactional Analysis – applicability and use in practice’ will demonstrate how Transactional Analysis (TA) can function as an effective method of improving emotional and behavioural literacy in organisations as well as being a behavioural change framework acceptable to a wide range of working people, across organisational types.

TA is a powerful method of considering one’s own behavior and the impact on and response of another and the workshop will focus on the following learning outcomes:

• Familiarisation with three key concepts of Transactional Analysis: Egostates, Strokes and Drivers
• Ability to practically use the TA framework with coachees
• Ability to use the TA methodology to help coaching clients increase their emotional and behavioural literacy
• Ability to use TA as a method of formulation
• Spend time talking about a coaching case from the TA perspective